InnoEntre: A new Erasmus+ project to enhance Entrepreneurship Education across Europe

Aarhus University is leading the way of an EU research project which focuses on Entrepreneurship Education in open higher education.


“The InnoEntre project will try to adapt and scale existing efforts around Entrepreneurship Education (E&I) into a new systems framework in Open Higher Education that would take into account technical, organizational, pedagogical, legal, and economic aspects and could be applied and tested in different contexts,” explains the coordinator of the project Pantelis Papadopoulos, Assistant Professor at the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media of Aarhus University.

“Creating entrepreneurial mindsets is a major need, but little is known about how to effectively integrate it into school curricula or not adequately taught beyond compulsory schooling. On the other hand, there are efforts from different stakeholders to intensify E&I education. Entrepreneurship and innovation competitions, shared entrepreneurship courses, and young entrepreneurship societies are all working towards the same goal. What is, lacking, however, are purposeful collaborations and synergies that would allow them to build on what others already have done.”

The role of Aarhus University in the project

Dr Papadopoulos explains further the role of Aarhus University in the InnoEntre project:

“When it comes to managerial issues, AU is the leading institution inside the partnership and our role will be to manage and coordinate all the project tasks. More importantly, though, AU is providing expertise on Entrepreneurship Education and Instructional Design, since we have people in our team with long experience on these issues.”

“Of course, the project will have to look backward first and identify and analyze the lessons learnt from previous efforts on Entrepreneurship Education. We are also planning to design and develop a software platform that would materialize the new framework and that could be sustainable beyond the completion of the project, thus providing a point of reference for future endeavors,” he says.

European partnership for entrepreneurship thinking

Besides Aarhus University, the InnoEntre project partnership includes Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, one of the largests universities in Europe; European Learning Industry Group, a consortium of companies with members such as IBM, Intel, and HP; Instituto Politécnico do Porto, who organizes a nationwide entrepreneurship contest that runs across all 21 Portuguese Polytechnics for the past 11 years; and SCIO, a consulting company with years of experience in EU projects and Open Education frameworks.

“The InnoEntre partnership is a very balanced one with partners that have collaborated successfully in several projects in the past. While there is not a single phase in the project that a partner is excluded, each partner brings a unique attribute to the project,” Dr Papadopoulos concludes.

The project is made in collaboration with:

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